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The IDEA Research Unit’s main focus is its research in disability inclusion in education in Africa  with the aim to provide quality, applied, action and impact research. This research will thus address the current paucity of knowledge in this particular area of education and will subsequently inform and support decisions that need to be made to make education more inclusive. The focus will be on the education and support of people with disabilities, their families and their communities within the context of inclusive educational systems. The core research areas are:

  • Analysis of data already collected by TEDI as it relates to teacher empowerment and disability inclusion.
  • Evaluation of the face-to-face and online training courses developed by TEDI.
  • An investigation into the ways in which inclusive education policy and practice in South Africa enables quality and equitable education for children with disabilities.
  • Comparative studies of inclusive education in the Global South.
  • Exploration of instructional and social practices that support inclusion such as teacher education, parent support, leadership skills and similar studies.
  • Theoretical perspectives on disability in education, drawing upon frameworks of critical disability studies and post-colonial theory.

View our current and past project lists here. If you are interested in engaging or collaborating, please contact us.